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Information on Accommodation and Logistics in Mumbai

FAQ about Registering Activities at the WSF

Pre-WSF Coordination Meeting for Alliance Partners on Jan. 15

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13th December 2003, Navi Mumbai, India

Registration and fees
Registration date for stalls is NOT likely to be extended beyond 15th December 2003. Payments for stalls should be done only after receipt of confirmation / allotment. Allocation of stalls would positively be conveyed by 17th December 2003.

Registration of participants can be done by 15th December 2003 and fees be paid by 20th December 2003 online through

There is no participation fee for the event.

Event mergers
WSF Organizers are in the final stage of taking decision regarding the confirmation / merging of events. So we are hopeful that the picture will soon become clear regarding events. rscd infoscope will keep you updated in this regard.

Dalit participation
Meeting of Mumbai Social Forum was held at WSF office in Mumbai on 10th December 2003. RSCD representative attended the meeting. Around 30 to 35 representatives of various NGOs attended the meeting. Activists from Dalit sectors expressed the view that Dalit movements are not properly assimilated in the mobilization process so far.

Maharashtra has a unique history of Dalit activists expressing themselves through Dalit literature. If we can’t bring them into the ongoing process, WSF 2004 will be a failure. Hence it was agreed that a special meeting will be convened to ensure that Dalit segment gets proper representation in WSF 2004. It was also argued that not only Dalit, but participation of women, slum-dwellers, O.B.C.s and all sections of marginalised sectors of the society should be ensured in WSF 2004.


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