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Bhaskar Gautam

Félix Gutiérrez Matta - Bolivia

Marisa Greeb - Brazil

Cesare Ottolini - Italy

Laura Maffei - Argentina/Brazil

Hamilton Faria - Brazil

Yolanda Ziaka - Greece

Arturo Palma Torres - Chile / France

Michel Sauquet - France

Dao The Thuan - Vietnam

Garda Ghista - USA

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Bhaskar Gautam - Nepal
Martin Chautari

I am from Kathmandu. Since 1998, I am associated with Martin Chautari as a research associate. Apart from organizing open public discussions on various topics including politics, media, and youth, Martin Chautari activities are primarily focused on research and publishing. Media is my core working area. I am also interested in studying the dynamics of social movements, publishing, education, film, and politics. In Martin Chautari, I am also involved in coordinating open public discussions, which take place on regular basis.

The preparatory meeting in Bangkok was my first involvement with the Alliance activities. I enjoyed the Bangkok meeting and am expecting rigorous and serious discussions with the participants in WSF 2004 Mumbai. Wishing all the best for the Allies and looking forward to seeing all of you in Mumbai.


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