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Yogesh Kolte - India

Nicolas Haeringer - France

Gustave Assah - Benin

Mahamane Cissé - Mali

Bhaskar Gautam - Nepal

Daurius Figueira - Trinidad and Tobago

Stephen DeMeulenaere - Canada/Indonesia

Sudha Reddy - India

Wang Yi - China

Germà Pelayo - France

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Siddhartha - India
Fireflies Ashram

My name is Siddhartha. I live in Fireflies Ashram, a community of socially and ecologically concerned persons, located in a village on the outskirts of Bangalore city, in the South of India.

I have been active in the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World for several years. I have helped with some of the activities in Asia. I am also involved in the activities of the Alliance related to Governance, Media, Water , Inter-religious college, Ethics and Development. I also played a role in the China-India dialogue of the Alliance.

I write for newspapers and journals on social, cultural and environmental issues. I have written two books on these themes. I also organize national and international workshops on similar themes. I have been a visiting lecturer at the United Nations University, Tokyo, for the last two years. I also coordinate a semester programs for American university students on social movements and alternate development. In India , I am active in inter-religious conflict resolution programs.

As a member of the Alliance I have actively participated in the last World Social Forum ( India) and the 2002 WSF in Porto Alegre. In January 2005 I hope to help organize a workshop at the WSF on the theme: " Can Religions be democratized?" I also hope to participate in other activities at the WSF, particularly the ones on Governance, Media and Water.

I hope to meet some of you at Porto Alegre.



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