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23 December 2003, Navi Mumbai, India

Visit to the Venue
The RSCD team on 19th December, 2003 had a brief visit to the venue of WSF 2004. The ground is being cleaned up and preparations are going on for building stalls. Interestingly, the workers who were put at the task did not know much about the WSF. When asked, they replied that all this work is going on for a program, which will be attended by Nelson Mandela. This may be considered as an example of how the common person in India views this activity. It is habitual to identify towering personalities rather than the programs.

Hotel Inter Continental (Near Mumbai Airport) is close to the venue. It took us only 15 minutes to travel by a cab (known as ’Taxi’ here in Mumbai). We spent only 60 Indian Rupees (little more than one US$).

RSCD teammates had a meeting with Arun RASTE (International resource for Fair Trade) and Ashwini KULKARNI (Vachan) on 19th December. We have discussed the logistics, events, and stalls. This meeting will be helpful in attaining better coordination at the Mumbai level. The next meeting is scheduled on 26th December. We have invited Siddhartha for that meeting.

Stall Registration
WSF has agreed to allot three stalls to Alliance 21. By Tuesday evening, RSCD will be completing the formalities of paying the fees by Demand draft. Let’s now have a thought over how do we make the stall attractive and interesting for WSF participants. We also need to think what materials Allies will display. How this is to be presented and who will present it? Suggestions in this regard are welcome!

Event Registration
WSF is going to send e-mails of confirmation to those who have registered their Events. These confirmations are expected in this week itself.

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