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Makarand Paranjape

Mingo Vasconcelos - Brazil

Nicolas Haeringer - France

Ana Mary da Costa Lino Carneiro - Brazil

Dao The Thuan - Vietnam

Bhaskar Gautam - Nepal

Fernando VenĂ¢ncio Filho - Brazil

John Anugraha - India

Cyril Berthod - France

Michel Sauquet - France

Marisa Greeb - Brazil

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Makarand Paranjape - India
Samvad India Foundation

I teach at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University as a professor in the school of language, literature, and culture studies. My own specialization is Indian English, postcolonial literature, criticism, and cultural studies. I’m also associated with Samvad India Foundation, a nonprofit trust set up to promote, among other things, cross-cultural dialogue. I’ve been a part of the Alliance since 1998, having been introduced to it by my friend Siddhartha. I’ve worked with Allies on various activities of the Alliance including the geo-cultural process in Asia-Pacific, the Charter of Human Responsibilities with Edith Sizoo, and the China India intercultural dialogue with Gustavo Marin and Yifeng Zhou. I welcome all friends and Allies coming to India to take part in the WSF and look forward to meeting old and new friends.


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