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Wang Yi - China

My name is WANG Yi, 41 years old. I am a professor of public policy in the Center for China Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a member of the Lead Experts Group of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), and program consultant of several international organizations and foundations. I am also a member of the Yanjing Center for Culture and Development Studies (the Yanjing Group), which is an NGO based in Beijing and was founded in 1993 with support of the FPH.

My academic field is the strategic study and public policy research on major problems related to China’s long-term development, including population, natural resources, the environment, energy, transportation and food. I have undertaken many research projects / grants sponsored by the Government agencies, foundations and international organizations in the fields, and have participated in drafting of many important reports, plan, and policy recommendations including China’s Agenda 21, etc. I have authored or co-authored 16 monographs and completed more than 100 academic papers. Much of my research during the past decade has affected governmental decision making at both the national and local levels.

In Mumbai, I would like to organize a seminar with my colleagues in China, which has registered as an event "Governance and the establishment of civil society", cooperating with the FPH.

You are warmly welcome to attend our discussion in Mumbai.


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