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Ben Quinones

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Ben Quinones - Philippines

Filipino, 53 years old, economist; been involved in the field of development of people’s economy for the last 24 years (8 years in Philippines, 9 years in Thailand, and last 7 years in Malaysia) dealing with cross-cutting thematic issues.

Became a member of the Alliance in 2001, and have since participated in a few Alliance workshops including the Workshop on Finance of Solidarity, Workshop on Fair Trade, and Workshop on Social Responsibility of Business. Attended the Lille Assembly and WSF 2003, and got involved in the translation of the Charter of Human Responsibilities into Filipino.

Participated in the Alliance & WSSE Meeting in Bangkok in October 2003.

At WSF 2004, I will coordinate a WSSE-listed seminar on "Social Responsibility of SMEs for Development of People’s Economy". I very much look forward to seeing you in this seminar and would appreciate any assistance towards linking me to organizations that might be interested to cooperate in co- organizing this seminar.


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