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Pierre Vuarin

Michel Sauquet - France

René Audet - Quebec

Yanjing Group - China

Cyril Berthod - France

Larbi Bouguerra - Tunisia/France

Félix Gutiérrez Matta - Bolivia

Isis de Palma - Brazil

Fernando Rosero - Ecuador

Philippe Amouroux - France

Marina Urquidi - France/Mexico/USA

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Pierre Vuarin - France

I facilitated the program Family Farming, Societies and Globalization since 1990 at the FPH. I have a socioeconomic training. I have been very involved throughout the world in the support of farmers’ movements for 30 years. I like very much to generate situations, moments integrating culture, expression, and existential and political questions.

I created in 2001, 2002, and 2003 the citizens’ mosaic of Porto Alegre with the participation of numerous people who brought an engraved, painted stone, from more than 90 countries. 1300 stones thus form today the citizens’ mosaic of Porto Alegre located in a park of this city of Brazil. A stone has been given to the Indians to transmit the torch, the spirit of Porto Alegre...


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