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Marcos Arruda - Brazil
Rede Solidária
Workgroup on a SocioEconomy of Solidarity

I am an economist and educator, born in Rio de Janeiro. Early in my professional life I worked as a geologist (1965-1967). Then, I left my profession and worked two years as a machine operator in metal factories in São Paulo, helping educate and organize workers in the trade union. I spent 9 months in prison during the military dictatorship and, after being freed, 11 years in exile in the Washington DC and in Geneva (1971-1982).

I worked four years with Paulo Freire and the Institute of Cultural Action, as consultants to the Ministries of Education of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde. I was an economic consultant for the World Council of Churches and the International Group of NGOs on the World Bank in Geneva.

Back in Rio in 1982, I worked 4 years with IBASE, which I helped create with Betinho and Carlos Afonso. I was a professor of Philosophy of Education in the Institute of Upper Studies in Education, FGV in Rio de Janeiro and I have been working with cooperatives and associations since I was working as a consultant on development education to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education of Nicaragua in the 1980s. I created PACS - the Institute of Alternative Policies for the Southern Cone in 1986 and have been its general coordinator. I am a member of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam, since 1975.

I am a professor of the International Peace University in various campuses of Brazil. I am a member of the Popular Cooperative Forum in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Network on a Solidarity Socioeconomy and of the Global Animation Team of the WSSE-Alliance21. I belong to the coordination of the Brazil Jubilee South Network and the National Campaign against the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

I am a member of the Brazilian Workers’ Party and of the Movement Faith and Politics. I have published books, essays and articles in Brazil and abroad. The most recent book was just published in Brazilian, by Editora Vozes, with the title "Humanize the Infra-Human: The Education of the Integral Human Being: Evolutionary Homo, Praxis and a Solidarity Economy". This is the first book of a trilogy that focus on inter-relations between the emancipation of human work, knowledge and creativity and the building of a Solidarity Economy from the local to the global scale; and what education can contribute to build the subjects of a national and global society based on the values of cooperation and solidarity.

Marcos Arruda
Av. Rio Branco, 277 s/1609
20040-009 Rio de Janeiro
(55) 21 2210 2124


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