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Larbi Bouguerra

Garda Ghista - USA

Hema Rairkar - India

Betsan Martin - Aotearoa / New Zealand

John Stewart - South Afica/Zimbabwe

Pierre Johnson - France

Marina Urquidi - France/Mexico/USA

Isis de Palma - Brazil

Marco Guerrera - Ecuador

Dao The Thuan - Vietnam

Mingo Vasconcelos - Brazil

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Larbi Bouguerra - Tunisia/France

Former professor at the Universities of Tunis and Paris. I have three grandchildren. Originally Tunisian, I live on both sides of the Mediterranean. Besides scientific research, I have written a lot, in Arabic and in French, on the repercussions of Science in the countries of the South. I am the coordinator of the Alliance WATER Campaign. At the WSF, I intend, with other Allies, to promote the idea of a World Citizens Water Assembly in view of a better governance of this vital resource. We shall also discuss, at the WSF, the improvement of the WATER Proposal Paper. I also intend to propose two seminars one about the pollution of water by the chemicals and the pesticides and how to remedy that, as for the second, it will treat the role of water in the recent conflicts and will advance some proposals for an equitable sharing of the resource.


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