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Maps of the Activities

Global Map 74 kb

Responsibility 85.3 kb

Governance 84.9 kb

People and Economy 84.4 kb

Four maps have been drawn to facilite the links among all the activities organized by the allies and partners.

The first map (’alliance’s activities’ at wsf 2004’) shows the main topics that will be discussed in the activities that members of the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world and partners are organizing at this wsf. Every promoter of alliance’s events had to send a presentation paper, following this guideline :

-  title of the activity
-  venue and date of this activity
-  organisation proposing the activity
-  partner organisations
-  rationale
-  main topics adressed during this activity
-  alternatives proposed to further social change
-  strategies to implement those proposals
-  keywords
-  links to other wsf initiatives

The map is based on those topics, mainly on the keywords and the links to other wsf initiatives. The keywords that were used in the presentation paper of more than one activity are shown on this map. Some keywords are linked to one another, to reflet the connections that can be seen between several topics adressed by the alliance.

Three big topics emerged from this map :
-  the issue of responsibility, including environmental issues
-  governance and the building of alliance’s/the need to build wide networks of actors
-  people and economy

The activities related to those main issues were then maped out – one map for one main issue. Some keywords appear also on the maps to identify how those activities can be linked to one other – ie for example on the ’governance map’ : activities directly related to the governance issue can be connected to the social money and social finance seminars, as the governance seminars will address the question of the linking of governance’s level (activ subsidiarity, deventralisation,...) whereas the two socioeconomy workshops will discuss the articulation of exchanges’ levels (local and regional money,...). Allies are kindly invited to try to connect speakers to try to make those links concrete : this will enable us to launch a wide process of analysing the transversality of the topics we adresse in our activities.


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