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Arturo Palma Torres

José Luis Gutiérrez Lozano - Mexico

Michel Sauquet - France

Mingo Vasconcelos - Brazil

Isis de Palma - Brazil

Guy Poitevin - France/India

Jean-Yves Abasq - France

Ben Quinones - Philippines

Bhaskar Gautam - Nepal

Rob Wheeler - USA

Alfonso Cotera - Peru

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Arturo Palma Torres - Chile / France

I am Arturo Palma Torres. Originally Chilean, I have lived in France since 1976, cast out of my country by the military dictatorship. My basic training is political and administrative science and I have worked as street salesman, civil servant, university professor, bus driver, in charge of integration of refugees, secretary of an organization, responsible for an NGO and, currently, consultant in local development, in continued support of initiatives of creation of activities or associative development. On the involvement side, I am an elected volunteer leader of Artisans du Monde, the main fair-trade network in France. I have already participated actively in the WSF 2003 in Porto Alegre and at the ESF 2003 in Paris and I am participating in the organization of the WSF in Mumbai where we would wish to have the actors of fair trade meet with other actors of the economy of solidarity and the alterglobalization movement.

I am in the Alliance since 2000, within the Socio-economy of Solidarity Workgroup and I coordinate, with Pierre Johnson, the Fair Trade Workshop. I am also registered in the Vision Workshop.


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