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Grassroots Democracy by Women in Governance

Preparatory Process for a World Parliament

Discovery of people/solidarity economy in Asia

Public Policies, Relationship between State and Citizens

Public Policies, Relations between the State and the Citizens

Innovative Practices and Self-Management

Autonomy, Culture and Economy of Solidarity

China, Governance and Civil Society

International Workshop for NGO National Federations and Regional Networks

Training for Citizens and Social Leaders

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All the Initiatives for the WSF in India

Name of the Initiative Facilitation Team
Socioprofessional domain
Interreligious Siddhartha with the Interreligious Socioprofessional Network
NGOs Michel Sauquet with Coordination Sud and the India and Brazil NGO networks
AIP The Alliance of Independent Publishers
Journalists Siddhartha with the Socioprofessional Network of Journalists
Women, Local Democracy, and Governance Resource Support Centre for Development, Mumbai (RSCD)
Military Peacemakers Admiral Ramu Ramdas with General Jean-Claude Glevarec and Richard Pétris of the School of Peace in Grenoble, France
Platform of the Socioprofessional Networks of Fishworkers, Family Farmers, and Foresters Pedro Avendaño of the World Fishworkers Forum
Community Residents Cesare Ottolini and the Alliance Internationale d’Habitants
Executives Anousheh Karvar and the team behind the Manifesto for the Social Responsibility of Executives
Geocultural domain
India-China Dialogue Makarand Paranjape (India) with Zhao Yifeng (China) and the India-China Dialogue Liaison Group
Discovery and exchange among Vietnamese and Indians during a journey in rural and urban India Guy Poitevin (Pune, India) with the Chinese Network and the support of Jin Siyan
Twenty young Nepalese at the WSF Anil Batharai and Bhaskar Gautam
The Alliance in Asia and governance of the Alliance Siddhartha, Makarand Paranjape, and the Indian and Asian Allies
Thematic domain
Charter of Human Responsibilities Makarand Paranjape with Edith Sizoo and the International Steering Committee for the Charter
China, world governance, and civil society Wang Yi and Chen Yuegang, and the Chinese Network
World Citizens Water Assembly (ACME) The Alliance Water Campaign facilitated by Ngai Weng Chan, Larbi Bouguerra, Wang Yi, Siddhartha
Workshop: Social leaders and facilitators: socially responsible education to face up to the challenges of globalization International network on the education of social leaders
World Parliament and Democracy Biplove Choudhary (India) with the facilitation team of the Forum for a World Parliament for the 21st Century (Rob Wheeler, Dick Burkhart, Mona Lee, Germà Pelayo
Building governance for the world APM Citizen Earth network Pedro Avendaño from Chile and Canada with Jeannot Minla M’fou from Cameroon, Dao The Tuan from Vietnam, and Vicent Garcés from Spain
Seminar: Discovery of solidarity economy / people economy reality in Asia Laurent Fraisse, France WSSE (Workgroup on a Solidarity Economy) with the CRID, the MES and Frères des Hommes, France
Seminar: livelihoods and natural resources: access and entitlement Jill Carr Harris, EKTA PARISHAD, India
Seminar: Towards a world wide social finance system Vandemeulebroucke Viviane, INAISE, International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
Workshop: Producing and distributing more added value for the producers in Fair Trade channels Pierre Johnson, WSSE Fair Trade Workshop
Workshop: Fair Trade and Local Development René Audet, Chaire Economie et Humanisme - RIPESS - Fair Trade Workshop
Workshop: International Resources For Fairer Trade Arun Raste, WSSE Fair Trade Workshop
Seminar: Innovative practices and Self management Marcos Arruda, WSSE, PACS and RBSES, Brazil
Seminar: Social Economy in India and China Ashwini Kulkarni, Center for Development Research and Documentation, India and Dr Liu Dachang, Mekong Insitute, Thailand
Workshop: How to deal with the lack of money in small communities Heloisa Primavera, Argentina,WSSE, workshop on Social Money.
Seminar: Economic Public Policies, Relation between State and Society Humberto Ortiz, Grupo Red de Economia Solidaria del Peru (GRESP), PSES
Seminar: Reports and Synthesis on Solidarity Economy events Marcos Arruda, WSSE, PACS and RBSES, Brazil
Seminar: Fair Trade and Food Sovereignty Rosemary Gomes, Fase, Brazil, Arun Raste, IRFT, Fair Trade Forum India, IFAT and Arturo Palma Torres, Artisans du Monde, Chile/France, René Audet, Québec all from the WSSE Fair Trade workshop
Workshop: Social and solidarity finance around the world, exchange of experiences. Towards a world wide social finance system Vandemeulebroucke Viviane, INAISE, International Association of Investors in the Social Economy
Social Responsibility of SMEs for Development of Peoples Economy Ben Quiñones, VEDCOR and Asian Coalition, Philippines, and Arun Raste, IRFT, Fair Trade Forum India, IFAT
Social Money Solidarity Socio-Economy Stephen DeMeulenaere, Strohalm, based in Indonesia, Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota, Japan from the Social Money Workshop
Seminar: the active presence of women in solidarity economy Cécile Sabourin, UQAM, Quebec, WSSE workshop Women and the Economy with the World March of Women
Industrial Ecology Ramesh Ramaswamy (India) with Geng Yong (China) and Anthony Chiu (Philippines)
Tools and Methods Panel: Towards People’s Economy: realities and strategies from local to global 46 different international, national and sector-based networks, among them the WSSE.
Documentation Indian Documentation team with the support of Nicolas Haeringer, Véronique Rioufol and Françoise Feugas
FPH team Philippe Amouroux, Pierre Calame, Pierre Vuarin, Michel Sauquet, and Gustavo Marin


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