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Success and Weaknesses of the Consultation That Served to Determine the Format of the WSF

International Work Group Constituted to Propose Articulations

Participate Soon in the Constitution of the Memory of the WSF

Articulations Inside and Outside of the 11 Thematic Terrains

Message from the Organizing Committee on the Aggregation of Activities

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Participate in the New WSF Methodology As Soon As You Register Your Activity

After the Forum of Mumbai of 2004, the organizers of the WSF wished to renew the format of the Forum. The idea was to make of the Forum a place that would really be open while stimulating articulations among the activities and organizations, in order to encourage the elaboration of action plans or proposals of alternatives.

This choice is expressed mainly in three ways:

1 - The World social Forum 2005 will only be made up of free activities, self-organized. There won’t be any activities organized by the Forum itself. These activities were the most highlighted in the program, and therefore in the media.

2 - The organizations that wished to were invited to take part in a consultation. The aim of this consultation was to determine the format of the Forum on the basis of the intentions of the participants, and not on the basis of the vision of the members of the International Council. It served to define the eleven Thematic Terrains of the Forum. But it was not used as much as what had been announced at its launching. A message will follow to review the consultation.

3 - The Forum will take place in public places, and no longer in the PUC. All activities of the Forum will be located in the same area, close to the center of Porto Alegre. The site will be designed as a World Social Territory, within which some of the principles that the Forum advocates will be applied: economy of solidarity for restoration, sustainable management of waste, etc.

You have until November 10 to register your activities

The registrations are therefore open since October 3. You can register at this address:

It continues until November 10. You can modify the activities that you propose on the site of registration until this date. You can be informed of the activities registered on the site of the Forum:

This allows you to take contact directly with the organizations that are dealing with similar themes or to which you would wish to open up. Please feel free to contact these organizations; quite the contrary, this is precisely the aim of this registration process.


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