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Nicolas Haeringer

International Work Group Constituted to Propose Articulations

Success and Weaknesses of the Consultation That Served to Determine the Format of the WSF

Message from the Organizing Committee on the Aggregation of Activities

Participate Soon in the Constitution of the Memory of the WSF

Participate in the New WSF Methodology As Soon As You Register Your Activity

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Articulations Inside and Outside of the 11 Thematic Terrains

The World Social Forum will be composed of eleven Thematic Terrains. Here is the list. Every evening, a moment is planned to review what was said in the day, to draw up proposals or common strategies


The activities that you will organize at the World Social Forum will be all placed in one the following * eleven Thematic Terrains * , according to your choice:

-  Assuring and defending Earth and people’s common goods - As alternative to commodification and transnational control

-  Arts and creation: weaving and building people’s resistance culture

-  Communication: counter-hegemonic practices, rights and alternatives

-  Defending diversity, plurality and identities

-  Human rights and dignity for a just and egalitarian world

-  Sovereign economies for and of people - Against neoliberal capitalism

-  Ethics, cosmovisions and spiritualities - Resistances and challenges for a new world

-  Social struggles and democratic alternatives - Against neoliberal domination

-  Peace, demilitarization and struggle against war, free trade and debt

-  Autonomous thought, reappropriation and socialization of knowledge and technologies

-  Towards construction of international democratic order and people’s integration

If you organize several activities, each of them can belong to a different terrain.

These eleven terrains were defined in Sao Paulo at the end of the month of August on the basis of an analysis of the results of the consultation.

Articulation facilitators to help you

Facilitation groups for the eleven terrains are being set up. Their role will be to stimulate articulations among the activities of the same terrain. This way, we hope to make it so that there is not a juxtaposition of 10 activities on the same theme, without any link among them, but that on the contrary the 10 organizations that propose these activities try to work together and propose one or several joint or articulated activities. To facilitate this work, all registrations can be modified as many times as you wish until November 10.

==> So, it is important to register the activities that you expect to organize as soon as possible so that the other participants can know about them.

The facilitator groups will contact you. One of the objectives of this discussion list is also to encourage these articulations.

A World Social Territory divided into 11 Terrains and open meetings every evening

The "World Social Territory ", that is to say the site of the Forum, will be itself divided into these eleven terrains in order to give body to the new format of the Forum.

Within every Terrain, every evening of the Forum, the rooms will be free from 5 to 8 p.m., to allow everyone to put to the floor what was said during the day and to try to draw up proposals or action plans collectively.

These eleven Terrains are not designed as closed, quite the contrary. The evening meetings will also make it possible to link up with that which is happening in the other Terrains, all the more that some organizations will participate in several of these Terrains.

A support process for the facilitation groups of the eleven Terrains is being implemented. We will inform you as soon as all the elements are gathered.



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