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Information on Accommodation and Logistics in Mumbai

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All Kinds of Practical Information for Mumbai

January is expected to be pleasant month in Mumbai with temperatures ranging from 16 to 20 degrees.

The common mode for transport in Mumbai are : Local Trains - only a resident can board a crowded train - please avoid them in morning and evening hours BEST Buses - Red Color - Cheap and Efficient service. You get timetables giving route descriptions for the services. Get in the bus from the back door and get down from the front door. Auto Rickshaws - Something like the TukTuk in Thailand. They ply by meter and insist for the same. They also carry the tariff card. Taxis (they are relatively costly, but cheaper than Europe). They are two types Blue Color Cool Cab (air-conditioned) Black and Yellow - non air-conditioned They ply by meter, and the tariff card is available with the driver.

Language and Culture
Most people in Mumbai generally understand English, very few know French and a handful know Spanish. Mumbai is the biggest Indian city and also known as commercial capital of India. While Mumbai resident are not unfriendly they are business like with strangers. Please ask permission if you want to take pictures specially in case of women.

Water: Please use UV treated or bottled water for drinking.
Medicine: There are two types of medicines OTC (Over the counter) which means things like aspirin which could be bought without a prescription. For others you would need a prescription from a doctor. The doctors and the medicine shops have red cross symbol. Please carry your personal medicines with you.

Safety _ While Mumbai is a safe place, it is better to be cautious specially in night hours.

Police _ The Traffic policeman wears White shirt and brown trousers The normal policeman wears brown shirt and trousers.

Carrying Cash
Please do not keep lot of money in one place and do not show it all. Beware of pickpockets specially in crowded places.

Credit Cards
Major credit cards are accepted in hotels airlines etc. ATMs could be found in places like airport, rail stations and near shopping malls.

Money Changers
Unlike other big cities we do not have many money changers. It would be advisable to change money at the airport itself from the bank counter.

You need a valid license to drive. We follow the British traffic system and the vehicles are right hand driven.


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