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Alfonso Cotera

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Alfonso Cotera - Peru

I am Alfonso Cotera, Executive Director of the Economy of Solidarity Network Group of Peru (GRESP), responsible for the Fair Trade Initiative of Peru Group, facilitator of the Peruvian Campaign against the FTAA and the NAFTA.

I have participated in the Alliance since 2000. I attended the Meeting of him Workgroup on Socioeconomy of Solidarity (Findhorn) and the World Citizens Assembly (Lille). I continue to participate in the Fair Trade Workshop, and I am subscribed to the Vision Workshop.

Also, I am part of the Intercontinental Network of Promotion of a Social Economy of Solidarity (RIPESS). An initiative for the articulation of various networks of economy of solidarity, begun in Lima (1997), continued in Quebec (2001) and which will continue in Dakar (2005).

I participate in the promotion of the WSFs. I attended the IIIrd WSF, and I plan to participate in the Vth WSF.


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