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FAQ about Registering Activities at the WSF

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Pre-WSF Coordination Meeting for Alliance Partners on Jan. 15

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Register your activity at the WSF web site then present it to our group

The closing date for registrations for the WSF 2005 approaches. There are for the moment only two activities proposed by participants of our list, one of the Fph and one of Nova.

We invite you to register as soon as possible on the Web site of the WSF. You will be able to modify your registration afterwards, as often as you wish to, until November 10. Registering is the indispensable basis of all the articulation work.

In order to allow the participants of our list to know what you intend to organize at the next World Social Forum, we invite you to send to marina (@) (or to [nicolas (@) the form that you will find in the "Initiatives" section of our Web site

It takes up elements of the registration form of the official FSM Web site and adds a few to facilitate the articulation work even more.

All presentations of your activities will be published then on this list and in the "Initiatives" section of our Web site.

So do not delay: register your activities on the Web site of the WSF, then present them and discuss them on our discussion list!


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