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Bénédicte Clep

Gustave Assah - Benin

Natalia Massa - France

Oriol Alsina - Catalonia (Spain)

Ana Mary da Costa Lino Carneiro - Brazil

Germà Pelayo - France

Bhaskar Gautam - Nepal

Wolgfang Fischer - Germany

Garda Ghista - USA

Cécile Sabourin - Canada

Myriam Villefroy - France

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Bénédicte Clep - France

30 years old, living in Paris. I have been a staff member of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for nearly 3 years, in charge of the Foundation’s human resources and offices. I am happy to be able to share "the WSF 2005 adventure" with you all and I will contribute mainly on records management in the framework of the development of the Foundation’s social capital.


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