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Bertrand Euverte

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Bertrand Euverte - Paraguay

More than half a century of considerations and experiences on education and school, out of the beaten trails. 1993-2003 : experience in Paraguay, in a rural zone, with my wife and our three sons, of a family laboratory of non-school education, non programmed, holistic, intergenerational ... of citizens of the World and the 21st century, of South-South cooperation and South-North dialogue ... with the available means.

I participated in the World Citizens Assembly (Lille, December 2001).

Currently I prepare, for the WSF of January 2005, a workshop in co-facilitation with a Congolese, On’Okundji Okavu Ekanga, on: " Reconsidering school on the basis of our roots in Africa, in Latin America ... "

My usual first name is Bertrand. When I was born in 1938, my parents had the first name Octave added to my birth certificate because I was born the eighth ("octavus" in Latin) of a French family of 14 children, the eldest of the second half. This position in the sibling chain was my real training. I received then diverse nicknames, sometimes given with sympathy, sometimes with hostility: " the anarchist "," the iconoclast "," the madman "," the guru "," Socrates " (that one I like it well but it intimidates me, although I founded in 1972 a "Maïeutique Organization") ... You can use the first name or the nickname that you wish.

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