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Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota

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Activities of the Social Money Workshop

The Social Money Workshop has inscribed three activities.

1. Workshop "Social Money: how to use it"

Complementary (or social) currencies are an efficient tool to struggle against the globalization which impoverishes communities. Here we try to show how to introduce a social money locally in order to allow a local monetary reorganization, protect itself from external monetary manipulations and favors a sustainable local development. We’ll share experiences of barter club in Argentina and Brazil and tell you how to introduce social money.

2. Seminar "The Social Money for a sustainable local development"

To show how complementary currency systems(CCS) as a way to local monetary reorganization emerge as a resistance to the forces of the globalization allowing people to get oriented toward a local economic development and especially human and sustainable one. 6 or 7 speakers, 3 hours. On this seminar general information on the function of complementary currency systems(CCS, or social money) and their socioeconomic impact on a community are given. And to show how these systems allow a qualitative and quantitative transformation of exchanges within a community. Exchanges of experiences of social money all over the world to show the plurality and the diversity of these experiences . Is the social money above all a trustworthy alternative to the Market?

3. Seminar "Solidarity economy and associated management: to work in transversal network to have an influence on the public decisions. "

Development of the principle of associated management which is applied to the movements of solidarity economy. How to have an influence on the public decisions to orient them toward fairer and more sustainable development. Exchange of experiences of solidarity economy with social money, microcredit, production cooperatives... More theoretical speeches in relation with the idea of third sector, the associated management and the implementation of solidarity economy within the definition of public policies. Examples of the project SOL and Banco Palmas: Project SOL: European network of solidarity economy which wishes to develop a monetary tool (a social money) to evaluate alternative production and services. This currency will be tied with goods which respects our environment, social conditions of production... This seminar should be a chance to create a North-South network of solidarity economy all around this sectorial currency financed by a program of European Union.

You can find four other activities by other participants to World Social Forum at by clicking "Consulta na base de dados das atividades propostas" > Moeda Social and we have been trying to enhance our relationship with them as well.

Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota Member of Social Money facilitation committee


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