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Message from the Organizing Committee on the Aggregation of Activities

Dear Friend,

After evaluating the registrations for the coming WSF, the Brazilian Secretariat and Organizing Committee noticed that your organization is among those that have registered self-organized events for our next meeting. We are glad, since thanks for initiatives like yours we hope to be capable to organize, in Porto Alegre, a full-of-energy WSF like the previous ones, and also deeper, denser and able to propose alternatives and common actions.

We want now to invite you to a step forward. The new WSF methodology for 2005 proposes and encourages the possibility of aggregations. Instead of only presenting their point of view, next year each organization will be able to debate with the ones who fight for the same ideas in any place of the world. This will be possible through organized events together with WSF and better than this, from permanent initiatives that results from these events. The aggregation process is volunteer and comprehends at least four action modalities that may be matched:

Fusion: it is what happens when organizations registered for WSF realize that two or more events they have proposed would be enriched if turned into a single one; Sequence: in this case, the registered events are kept but organized sequentially in order that all participants could join them all;

Dialogue: the programmed events are kept and each organizer commit himself/herself to send to each other a representative member who could jointly inform and construct.

Meeting: organizers of each event set up meetings between 06:00pm and 08:00pm, which will be booked in the coming WSF for new dialogues between initiatives.

To ease aggregation WSF 2005 events registration system created a very efficient consultation mechanism. It can be handled through the internet, questions based on proposed events, here, and allows to easily check the coincidence among themes registered by each organization and the proposed ones registered by other entities around the world.

The system provides a list of registered events in each of the Thematic Terrains, using a Key-Word or proponent Type of Organization search. It’s also possible to get the list of all registrations. Each consultation offers name, email and telephone number of the organizations that have proposed events as well. Therefore, it is time to check your data, common events, and contact organizers to see if you can aggregate.

We would like to remind you that this process is volunteer. No one is obliged to aggregate, and the right to keep isolated events is preserved.

We are at your disposal for any further questions and we hope to see you soon in Porto Alegre.

Best Regards, WSF 2005 Secretariat and Organizing Committee.


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