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Gustavo Marin

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Articulations Inside and Outside of the 11 Thematic Terrains

Success and Weaknesses of the Consultation That Served to Determine the Format of the WSF

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International Work Group Constituted to Propose Articulations

A work group has been constituted to propose articulations among the activities. An ad-hoc Web site will be opened to present the tables of thematic regroupings and the conceptual maps of every Terrain This group is constituted by:

For Terrain 1: Common goods, by Yolanda Ziaka, Director of the International Environmental Education Network, Greece

For Terrain 2: Arts, by Hamilton Faria, in charge of the programs Art and Culture at POLIS, Instituto de Estudos, Formação e Assessoria em Politicas Sociais, Brazil

For Terrain 3, Communication, by Manola Gardez, in charge of Communication, Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind, France

For Terrain 4, Diversity, by Lydia Nicollet, facilitator of the forum and the Web site of the Citizens’ Alliance for a Charter of Human Responsibilities, France

For Terrain 5, by Germà Pelayo, Director of Citiznes’ Networks for a World Democracy, Catalonia/France

For Terrain 6, Sovereign Economy, by Françosie Wautiez, Director of ECOSOL, France

For Terrain 7, Ethics, by Edith Sizoo, facilitator of the Citizens’ Alliance for a Charter of Human Responsibilities, The Netherlands/France

For Terrain 8, Social Struggles, by Cyril Berthod, Exemole - Experience and methods/tools for exchanges-France

For Terrain 9, Peace, by Arnaud Blin, Program director at the School of Peace, Grenoble, France

For Terrain 10, Autonomous Thought, by René Audet, facilitator of the students’ collective AlterUQAM of the university of Quebec in Montreal, Canada

For Terrain 11, by Germà Pelayo, Director of Citizens’ Networks for a World Democracy, Catalonia/France.

The conceptual maps and the management of the Web site are under the responsibility of Pierre Johnson, facilitator of the Fair Trade Workshop of the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy.

The general coordination is facilitated by Gustavo Marin, Program Director at the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind, France.

* The Memoria-Viva team supports the Organization Secretariat and the Content and Methodology Commission of the WSF. Nicolas Haeringer of Exemole in Paris, Marti Olivella of Nova in Barcelona, Dudu in Brazil, facilitate this team with the Brazilian partners.

* The Alliance of Independent Publishers (AEI) with the support of the FPH and the Ford Foundation constituted a group of 11 writers who will write a book on the WSF of Porto Alegre 2005. This editorial project is facilitated by Etienne Galliand of the AEI and Michel Sauquet of the FPH.

* The list and the Web site publish messages and articles in view of the WSF.


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