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Chilo Villarreal

The List of Activities Registered by the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

Seminar on Charter of Human Responsibilities

All the Activities Registered by Allies and Partners

Public Policies, Relationship between State and Citizens

Media workshop

Training for Citizens and Social Leaders


Public Policies, Relations between the State and the Citizens

Street Conversations Project (Projeto conversas da rua)

Renewing Cultural and Religious Traditions for Citizenship and Peace

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Autonomy, Culture and Economy of Solidarity


Terrain in which your activity is located: Sovereign economies for and of people - Against neoliberal capitalism

Partners for your activity: Vision Workshop of the WSSE, Coalición Rural México y Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, Espacio de Economía Solidaria de México

Type of partners you would like (type of organization and/or field of action) in case you do not know organizations of the type that you would like: Native-Indian and Farmers’ organizations that live and practice Community, Solidarity, and Reciprocal Economy

Themes and/or activities with which you would like to link up :
-  Community rights of Native-Indian People
-  Food sovereignty Profile of activity (as indicated on the WSF Web site): Dialogue Table (2030) The indigenous People and Rural Communities with their own global vision from ancestral times have practiced an Economy based on the wealth of their own resources respecting the environment, and everything and everyone in their environment. Different visions from the outside are impacting and affecting the balance on which they depend. It is necessary to share experiences and forms of defense that have been used.

Brief description of the program of activity: Experience sharing by the actors themselves from their organizations. Development of Plans of reinforcement of local, regional, and international networks

Keywords: Autonomy Culture Native Indian Peoples Development with Identity

Aims of activity : To share information and/or experiences, to vulgarize and socialize projects and initiatives

Problems (challenges), practices (experiences), and proposals that you intend to present during activity : Systematization of the Vision Values Relations among the Actors in SSE from the Native Indian and Farmers’ Communities Development of Networks of exchange of regional and International experiences To establish mechanisms for the commercialization of Products


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