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Anil Bhattarai - Nepal


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Anil Bhattarai - Nepal

Published on 19 December 2003

Nepal South Asia Centre (NESAC)

Greetings from Nepal!! I am thirty four years old. My primary involvement these days is in the area of research. I work with different institutions on different themes. I am currently engaged in national level dialogue on democracy as a part of a research project with the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi. In Martin Chautari, I am beginning a research and advocacy work on health and politics. With Nepal South Asia Centre (NESAC), I am working on political conflicts. Besides this, I interact with various grassroots groups on a regular basis.

It is good to know about you all and I hope to meet you all in Mumbai. I am looking forward to intensive interactions. I will be coming with a larger group from Nepal. Some of us will be interviewing some people coming from different parts of the world. Our objective is to bring out a book of interviews. We would like to interview people who have been practicing alternatives in their societies. We would like to look at both the micro-level work and its connection with the larger political context.



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