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Edith Sizoo - Netherlands/Belgium


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Edith Sizoo - Netherlands/Belgium

Published on 9 January 2004


I am a socio-linguist and have worked for years in the field of intercultural communication.

With my husband I left 40 years ago for Hong Kong where we worked in a refugee programme, then in India and Indonesia, altogether some 10 years in Asia. After return to the Netherlands, I was involved in development cooperation for 15 years, first a few years at the Ministry and then 12 years as Director of the umbrella organization of NGOs in the Netherlands. I then left for Brussels to set up with friends from all continents an international Network on Cultures and Development. After 12 years, I settled in an old farmhouse in France from where I work for the Charter of Human Responsibilities.

I have been an active member of the Alliance since I do not remember when. And was especially involved in the intercultural dialogue around the Charter of Human of Responsibilities.

I intend to go to the WSF of Porto Alegre 2005 where with other members of the International Facilitation Committee for the Promotion of the CHARTER OF HUMAN RESPONSIBILITIES we will facilitate some workshops on this Charter in most Thematic Terrains.



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