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Jur Jacobs - France/Netherlands


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- Pierre Johnson - France

- Yolanda Ziaka - Greece

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- Solange Duss - France

- Garda Ghista - USA

- Rosemary Gomes - Brazil

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Jur Jacobs - France/Netherlands

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Published on 20 October 2004


I am Jur JACOBS, industrial psychologist of training, Dutch, living in France since 1992.

I have worked since 1980 as consultant of organization in the field of internal and external cooperation: management, work in group, communication, creativeness, management of conflicts, culture of organization, etc.

Since 1992 I have participated in the management of a small tourist structure that I created with my companion in the Cévennes in the South of France. We manage this structure in such a way that it shows a positive example of life in common in an ecological, convivial way and using differences as a wealth.

I militated all my life in miscellaneous social movements, first in the Netherlands and now in France: neighborhood struggles, union fights and against discrimination, cross-cultural cooperation, economy of solidarity, etc.

My present militant activities concern local development of the territory where I live, especially around the use of a local resource: wood.

I am interested in other small-scale local initiatives of the rural world and in cross-cultural cooperation: how to use differences as wealth to use for one and another and how to overcome the difficulties of communication due to cultural and linguistic differences?

Besides my mother tongue, Dutch, I speak fluently but not without mistakes French and English. I speak more or less German and I manage to understand written Spanish.



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