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Pierre Caro - France


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Pierre Caro - France

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Published on 22 October 2004


I am retired, 65 years old, grandfather 9 grandchildren - it is important.

I started my retirement with four years in the university of Nantes, faculty of medicine for health; law school for the law; ethics and society.

I conduct work on: The possible role and the position of the pensioner in society.

I chose three themes: health; to learn today; to give meaning to the 20, 30 years and more of life that is offered us.

It is a sociological, ethical, demographic fact of society, the geopolitics that begin with this century. Our grandchildren will be tributary of the policies that we wish to conduct.

I am volunteer administrator of an organization - 40 professional employees
-  which works for the socially responsible cohabitation between nomads - gypsies - and sedentary people in France, in Europe. Minority populations, different ethnic groups, different religions, different lifestyles....

I develop opening currently to all, from my personal house as place for meetings to express concretely what it means to live together through the mutual exchange, from to knowing how to be to knowing how to do. This place is called: The Yard: the counter of expressions.

I use the documents, reports and CDs of the C. L. Mayer Foundation in the meetings at home and in the town.

I am interested in forum theater, theater of the oppressed - Augusto Boal - as a tool for a socially responsible life in my village. I work with the pupils of the last year of high school of my township, as outside resource person for the elaboration of supervised hands-on training.

I have worked for several years in a group of research on to learn and on emergent knowledge, with the Movement of the Networks of Mutual exchanges of Knowledge with Claire Hébert Suffrin and André Giordan.

I believe that I am going to work more especially on the themes:

-  ensuring and defending common goods...

-  art and creation...

-  defending diversity...

-  human rights and dignity

-  ethics, cosmovision

-  social struggles

-  autonomous thought



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