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- Solidarity-based Economy, Fair Trade and Local Authorities

- Street Conversations Project (Projeto conversas da rua)

- Creation of a Global Social Currency

- The List of Activities Registered by the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

- The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy

- Can Religions Be Democratized?

- Public Policies, Relations between the State and the Citizens

- Social Responsibility and Fair Trade: Complementary Practices

- How Young People Could Take Their Responsibilities and Contribute to Build Another World

- Autonomy, Culture and Economy of Solidarity

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The List of Activities Registered by the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Published on 24 November 2004

We wish to inform you that the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy registered in Terrain 6 of the WSF the following activities:

Organizer: Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy

* Roundtable (N° 896): New rules for a new economy: A new global governance to move from existing grassroots economic alternatives to a fair global economy

Organizer: Fair Trade Workshop and Social Responsibility of Economic Actors Workshop

* Seminar (N° 259): Social Responsibility and Fair Trade: Complementary Practices

Organizer: Fair Trade Workshop

* Seminar (N° 1477): "Fair Trade: North-South relationships needing upgrading"

* Seminar (N° 1489): "Fair Trade and Local Authorities"

Organizer: Indicators for a Solidarity Economy Workshop

* Seminar (N° 882): "Beyond the cult of growth: for a plural assessment of wealth"

* Workshop (N° 900): "Other indicators for the SSE"

Organizer: Women and the Economy Workshop

* Seminar (N° 1325): " Women’s initiatives in the economy of solidarity"

Organizer: Social Money Workshop

* Seminar (N° 1090): "Economy of solidarity and associated management: Working in cross-cutting networks to weigh on public decisions"

* Seminar (N° 1076): ""Social money for local sustainable development"

* Workshop (N°1094 ): Social money : instructions for users

Organizer: Solidarity Finance Workshop

* Seminar (N° 1772): Solidarity Finance and social performance indicators



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