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Invitation to Allies Going to the WSF to be Facilitators of the "Street Dialogues" in Porto Alegre

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Web : http://allies.alliance21.org/fsm/article420.html
Published on 25 November 2004

(Original in Portuguese Below)

We are inviting all who will go to the WSF to participate in the activities of the Street Dialogues.

The activity is planned by the Alliance Sao Paulo Group for the WSF 2005. "Street conversations" or "Street Dialogues," as they are called, will be organized in all the WSF Terrains. The objectives of this activity are to facilitate the possibility for ordinary people, in public places, to express their ideas, communicate with each other, become aware that they are part of politics, and more generally to "wake up creative living and the re-enchantment of the world through art." As an absolutely cross-Terrain activity, this type of action may be a key and/or an inspiration for our articulation aspirations. See the description of this activity at article420.html

We will have 11 Thematic Terrains plus one or two circulating and we need about 33 people for us to be the facilitators of the Dialogues. We are thinking of forming pairs or trios of facilitators - 2 Brazilians and at least 1 from another country, it doesn’t matter what the language (we will understand each other :-)) Those who would like to participate as facilitators can get in touch with Isis de Palma and Hamilton Faria (the facilitators of the "Street Conversations").

This will be an activity of the Alliance and of GT Cultura of the WSF and will be called "Street Dialogues" for the WSF 2005).


(Original em português)

Estamos convidando todos que irão ao FSM para participar das atividades de Diálogos de Rua.

A actividad planeada por el Grupo de Sao Paulo de la Alianza para el FSM 2005. "Conversaciones de calle" o "Diálogos de calle," como se llaman, se organizarán en todos los Espacios del FSM. Los objetivos de esta actividad son facilitar la posibilidad que personas ordinarias, en lugares públicos, expresen sus ideas, comuniquen entre sí, se den cuenta que son parte de la política, y más generalmente "despertar el vivir creativo y el re-encantamiento del mundo a través del arte". Una actividad absolutamente transversal, este tipo de acción puede ser una clave y/o una inspiración para nuestras aspiraciones de articulación. Vean la descripción de esta actividad en [rubrique6.html >rubrique6.html]

Teremos 11 espaços temáticos mais um ou dois circulantes e precisamos cerca de 33 pessoas para serem os animadores dos Diálogos. Pensamos em formar duplas ou trios de animadores - 2 brasileiros e pelo menos 1 de outro país, não importa quel seja o idioma (nos entenderemos :-) ) Os que quiserem participar como animadores podem entrar em contato com Isis de Palma e Hamilton Faria ( os facilitadores de "conversaciones de calle" ).

Esta será uma atividade da Aliança e do GT Cultura do FSM e passa a chamar-se "Diálogos de Rua" para o FSM 2005).



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