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Yanjing Group - China


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Yanjing Group - China

Published on 29 November 2004


The Yanjing Group, or the Yanjing Center for Culture and Development Studies, was founded in May 1993. It is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization.

Understanding cultural and environmental crises all over the world in spite of or because of rapid development in recent decades, the Yanjing Group maintains that these crises cannot be resolved until we redefine the concept of development itself. Traditional Chinese wisdom should be able to make a great contribution in forming such a new concept. Meanwhile, we should get to know other parts of the world better, so that we can re-interpret Chinese tradition in light of its actual interplay with other cultures of today’s world. We hope to form a new philosophy for the future progress of China and alternative strategies for development in the rest of the world. Our final ideal is to find a way by which mankind can sustain development harmoniously, nations in harmony with other nations, humanity in harmony with nature, and spiritual happiness in harmony with material wellbeing.

Our main activities are:

Investigating actual conditions of China.

Supporting experiments aimed at healthier development.

Promoting information exchange with other groups with similar goals both in China and abroad.

Organizing meetings and cooperation with other groups with similar goals both in China and abroad.

Members of the Yanjing Group include:

CHEN Jiaying, director. Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Huadong Normal University.

WANG Yi, project coordinator. Professor, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

WANG Yan, project coordinator. Associate Professor, Institute of Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

KUANG Yang, project coordinator. Research Fellow, Institute of Europe Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

WANG Wei, project coordinator. Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Peking University.

GE Haibin, Project coordinator, office manager.

YU Shuo, overseas contact.



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