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José Luis Gutiérrez Lozano - Mexico


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Creation of a Global Social Currency

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Published on 6 December 2004

Name of your activity:

Creation of a Global Social Currency

Terrain in which your activity is located:

Sovereign economies for and of people - Against neoliberal capitalism

Partners for your activity:

Luis Lopezllera Méndez, José Luis Gutiérrez Lozano, Marcos Arruda, Euclides A. Mance, Heloisa Primavera, Stephen DeMeulenaere, Thomas Greco

Type of partners you would like (type of organization and/or field of action) in case you do not know organizations of the type that you would like :

1. Coordinators / promoters of systems of alternative currency, social currency, alternative banks, time banks and currency.

2. Organizations and socially responsible companies that, in exchange for promotion through pamphlets, intelligent cards and/or kiosks, wish to sponsor the activity.

3. Academics / researchers, promoters of the concept of social currency to collaborate

4. Organizers of the WSF, to coordinate the logistics and to facilitate information, locations, and publicizing. Since WSF participants will be given an intelligent card, this can serve as a participant’s credential for the various activities of the WSF.

5. Volunteers to man Information, Emission and Operation Centers (IEOC Kiosks)

Themes and/or activities with which you would like to link up:

1. Connection to finance the project with previously arranged sponsorships. Sponsor is required: At the WSF there will be one IEOC for every 1000 cards. Printed promotional space can be sold on the card, on stationery, and in IEOC Kiosks, to socially responsible entities. A maximum financing of US$ 4 is needed per card. It is possible that the Asociación Cooperativista Internacional can finance the project, among others.

2. Connection with business sector of the city of PORTO ALEGRE, so that they receive and circulate the GSC. Perhaps, SMIC of the Prefecture

3. Connection with conferences, seminars, and activities dealing with the Social Currency theme.

Profile of activity (as indicated on the WSF Web site):

Practical activity with all the participants at the WSF and the society of PORTO ALEGRE; in Tables of Dialogue, Workshops, and Conferences

Keywords :

Social currency, Socioeconomy of solidarity, Alternative Banking, Solidarity Credit

Is this activity linked to an activity that was organized for a previous WSF? Which and when?

The creation of a GSC is a commitment assumed at WSF 2004. It was a challenge proposed by the organizers of the WSF to PACS

Aims of activity :

1. The participants at the WSF (aprox 100,000) will receive an electronic, personalized intelligent card. The card contains an electronic purse with a balance in Global Social Currency (GSC)

2. That the participants at the WSF 2005 carry out commercial activities practically with the global currency, in the Porto Alegre businesses and with those participants that take products and services from their countries to sell at the WSF

3. The society and businesses of PORTO ALEGRE will receive in payment for the products and services that they offer during the WSF 2005, a minimum of 20% in GSC. That the circulation of this currency should spread in Porto Alegre, the neighboring regions, and in the entire world through the various systems of social currency (alternative currency, LETS, Alternative Banking, etc.)

4. That there be information sessions and conferences.

Problems (challenges), practices (experiences), and proposals that you intend to present during activity :

1. Integration and coordination of the systems of social currency, LETS, Time banks, alternative banks, etc. to operate with a homogeneous system and with an equivalent social value in the whole world

2. Combination of quantifiable and non-quantifiable values (hospitality, vital space, solidarity, mutual support, peace, etc.) in every economic transaction.

3. Use of new technological platforms for the consolidation of social currencies from all over the world with a globally accepted reference (GSC)

4. Activation of the global economy through socially responsible trade across borders.

Other activities you are organizing at the World Social Forum 2005:

None other, but with pleasure we would add ourselves to other synergetic activities.



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