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Myriam Villefroy - France


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Myriam Villefroy - France

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Published on 5 January 2005


have worked with the children of the Belleville district (Paris, France) since 1999. I facilitate and coordinate the actions of a small organization called "Le chant des chapeaux" ("The song of the hats"). As you can guess it, it is through song, dance and theater that we consider very difficult subjects as that of the fight against AIDS, addiction, where the themes of life, death and love are at the back of the stage.

The work is at the end of the year presented in the framework of the world day of fight against AIDS: December 1st and every year, this event gathers about forty young artists aged 10 to 25. It is extraordinary to see how mutual respect is the rule, everyone has his or her place, small and big, red or green and often of diverse religions. I would like during the WSF, to exchange ideas about educational actions conducted in direction of young people on the theme of health and to have the possibility of considering some meetings perhaps between children on the Internet.

I join the Belleville Group and participate in the organization and staging of this meeting.



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