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Beyond Growth Worship: Indicators of Real Wealth

Published on 12 January 2005

Name of your activity: Seminar: Beyond Growth Worship: Indicators of Real Wealth

Terrain in which your activity is located: Terrain 6: SOVEREIGN ECONOMIES FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE

Partners for your activity:
-  The “Real wealth : evaluation and indicators” http://indicators.socioeco.org and the “Solidarity Finance” workshops http://finsol.socioeco.org of the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy (Aliance21) (International),
-  Collectif AlterUQAM (Quebec),
-  New Economics Foundation, UK.

Type of partners you would like (type of organization and/or field of action) in case you do not already have partners of this type : Any organization linked to the solidarity-based economy, a women’s vision of economy or sustainable development.

Themes and/or activities with which you would like to link up Solidarity Finance, women and economy, sustainable development, fair trade, social responsibility of economic actors

Profile of activity (as indicated on the WSF Web site): seminar

-  Alex MacGillivray, New Economics Foundation, RU;
-  Patricia E.Perkins, Canada (to be confirmed);
-  Bernardo Reyes, Instituto de Ecologia Politica, Chile;
-  Jean-Benoît Bourjeois, France/Africa;
-  Ben Quinones, Asian Pacific Coalition, Philippines/Malaysia
-  Valérie Michaud, AlterUqam, Quebec

Keywords : Indicators, wealth, (negative) growth, ecological debt, gender, sustainable (local) development, social return

Is this activity linked to an activity that was organized for a previous WSF? Which and when? Solidarity-based Economy activities programme from the solidarity-based economy networks during the previous WSF (from I to IV).

Aims of activity : Facing the increasing merchandizing of human activities and the ecological limits of our planet, a plural assessment of wealth is imperative in the construction of an alternative development model. Through its speakers, this seminar intends simultaneously to present:

a) alternative measures of wealth; b) specific examples of the contribution of solidarity-based economy activities: it aims at showing, among others, how solidarity-based economy activities not only generate economic utility but also social utility in terms of social links, the struggle against inequalities and exclusion, and economic democracy.

The general aims are to : * Make progress in thinking on an alternative vision of concepts such as wealth, growth and economic return. * Present existing experiences of indicators linked to solidarity-based economy practices. * Encourage networking of existing experiences. * Give more visibility to the contributions of the solidarity-based economy: e.g. social return. * Provide tools for political debate.

Problems (challenges), practices (experiences), and proposals that you intend to present during the activity :

Challenges: recognition of alternative concepts and tools. Practices:
-  social performance indicators applied to solidarity finance (results from a phase of tests in several microfinance institutions around the world and in particular in the Philippines);
-  the Responsible Competitiveness Index of the Institute for Social and Ethical Accountability (counterpart of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index).

Other activities you are organizing at the World Social Forum 2005: Workshop (50 people) Alternative Indicators for a Solidarity-based Economy, a participative workshop with small producers from different countries and continents.



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