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The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy

Lightly post-edited machine translation
Published on 14 February 2005

Name of your activity:

Seminar: "The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy"

Terrain in which your activity is located:


Partners for your activity:

-  The Women and Economy Workshop from the WSSE (Alliance21)
-  Réseau Intercontinental de Promotion d’une Economie Sociale et Solidaire (RIPESS)
-  World March of Women

Themes and/or activities with which you would like to link up

It would be convenient to connect with the Workshop "Women protagonism in the solidarity economy”, organized by the Brazilian Forum of Solidarity Economy, with the Seminar: "Changing economy, changing society, proposals from a feminist point of view", organized by the Red Latinoamericana Mujeres Transformando la Economía, and the “Synthesis Seminar on Social and Solidarity Economy”, organized by RIPESS.

Profile of activity (as indicated on the WSF Web site):

Gender equity represents a challenge in the solidarity-based re building of economic relations. Both in North as in the South, it is evident that men and women have accesses, positions and unequal levels of well-being in the economy. To revert this situation demands it is necessary to show gender-based power and hierarchies relations in the economy, and their links with the economic process itself.

The notion of wealth imposed by mercantile economy, this is the maximization of benefits, reduces the understanding of what is economy to mere monetized transactions registered in the market. Under this logic, the necessary tasks to sustain human existence that socially are assigned to women, are not considered as economic activities. This doesn’t only generates disadvantages for the economic autonomy of women, but more than that it is completely functional to the reduction of transaction costs in the market and the State, and is inherent to the effective accumulation pattern.

In the framework of initiatives directed to reestablish people’s needs as the purpose of the economic activities, it is necessary to confront the validity of theoretical visions, and elements of common sense that sustain this situation, and propose measures to build gender equity in the economy, overcoming the disadvantages historically experienced by women.

A panel will be held with five speakers that will represent countries from the North and the South. The time foreseen for each presentation is of 20 minutes. The participants will be invited to put questions in writing, after that which each presenter will have up to 10 minutes for a complementary intervention.


-  Madeleine Hersent (Mouvement pour l’Economie Solidaire, MES France)
-  Éthel Coté (North American Network for the Solidarity Economy - NANSE)
-  Magdalena León (Red Latinoamericana Mujeres Transformando la Economía - REMTE and World March of Women)
-  Djakagbe Kaba (Group of Solidarity Economy of Guinea and World March of Women)
-  Participant from Asia to be confirmed


Nedda Angulo (Grupo Red de Economía Solidaria del Perú - GRESP)

Keywords :

Notion of wealth, productive work, reproductive work, sexual division of work, equity.

Is this activity linked to an activity that was organized for a previous WSF? Which and when?

This activity aims at continuing the work of recognition of women contributions to the economic and social development, impelled through workshops of analysis of experiences in the last editions of the WSF in Porto Alegre, as well as in Mumbai, by the Workshop Women and Economy of the WSSE.

Aims of activity:

To generate debate and proposals to face inequalities in the access and positioning of men and women in the economy, and elaborate a summary of the debate, for its inclusion in the agenda of the solidarity economy movement.

Problems (challenges), practices (experiences), and proposals that you intend to present during activity:

This activity seeks to introduce questions, experiences and proposals to confront an economic theory that reveals insufficiently objective, as it doesn’t not consider economic and work circuits that transcend the market logic, so reducing the vision of an economy that aims at obtaining and maximize profit, generating inequity situations in the access and positioning of men and women.



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