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Dear Friends,

This Web site aims to facilitate preparation of the work of Allies and others for the World Social Forums. It was opened for the first time for the preparation of the WSF 2004, which was held in Mumbai, India. We are not launching a coordination initiative for the sixth polycentric WSF (January 2006, see dates and venues in the menu on the left) as we did in the past years. However, this Web site will be updated regularly with some practical information, announcements of workshops and reports. We will soon confirm the re-opening of the discussion list for this edition of the WSF.

As Allies, we have participated at all the Social Forums since 2001, increasingly present in force. This has consisted in yearly initiatives for coordination and experience sharing, involving the different groups or citizens’ alliances who are accustomed to taking part in the WSFs, or who are not able to attend the Forums but are nonetheless interested in the process. This Web site aims to give this effort visibility. In it, you will find, for the WSF 2004 and 2005: news and briefs on the process; announcements of initiatives by the different citizens’ alliances who were organizing workshops, seminars, or other activities; context papers or other resources, as well as some practical information.

Given the means we have available, we do everything we can to achieve complete translation of the Web site (to make each document available, thanks to its translation, in the three working languages) without necessarily being able to do so for all the documents. Visitors can check the language section corresponding to the language of the original document when they do not find its translation. Our apologies to those who cannot read the language concerned. We welcome any volunteer offer to translate a document that has not been translated. If you can offer a translation, please inform Marina Urquidi who is in charge of translation for this Web site.

4 May 2007

French TV Reports on Dialog between Porto Alegre and Belleville
by Marina Urquidi
In Porto Alegre, for the WSF 2005, we organized a dialog through the Internet between inhabitants of Porto Alegre and inhabitants of Belleville, a working-class district in Paris.
French television FR3 was there to testify. Here is its short report in the evening news of January 30, 2005.
Belleville - Porto Alegre dialog on French TV news

14 February 2005

How Young People Could Take Their Responsibilities and Contribute to Build Another World
by Nacera Aknak Khan
Name of the activity: How young people could take their responsibilities and contribute to build another world.
Domain of the activity: Young generation and participation to the society building
Partners: — Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world (Sao Paulo’s group; Charter for human responsibilities group for example)
Type of partners you would like (type of organization and/or field of action) in case you do not know organizations of the type that you would like Other (...)

14 February 2005

The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy
by Nedda Angulo
Name of your activity:
Seminar: "The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy"
Terrain in which your activity is located:
Partners for your activity:
The Women and Economy Workshop from the WSSE (Alliance21)
Réseau Intercontinental de Promotion d’une Economie Sociale et Solidaire (RIPESS)
World March of Women
Themes and/or activities with which you would like to link up
It would be convenient to connect with the Workshop (...)


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