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WSF 2005

Enhancing the Value of the World Social Forum Proposals 97.7 kb

Methodologies to collect, visualize and disseminate the Social Forum’s Proposals. Source: FPH

Guidelines for presenting activities 13.9 kb

We want to make know to all the participants of our list which are the activities organized by you in Porto Alegre. For this purpose, we invite you to fulfill as quick as possible this guideline, and to send it to


Resources and Documents


Souvenirs: Some Short Films on the WSF of Mumbai on the Internet
Marina Urquidi

Maps of the Activities
Nicolas Haeringer

The Top Ten Keywords of the WSF and the Main Keywords by Continents
Francoise Feugas

FPH contributions to the Social Forums
Gustavo Marin

Women in governance in the context of Rural Maharashtra
Chetana Pathare

It’s Election time here in India!
Yogesh Kolte

Thirty Proposals for Another World to Be Possible

The Charter of Principles of the WSF and the Charter of Human Responsibilities in Chinese

"Mapeadores" at the WSF 2003
by Véronique Rioufol

Economy of Solidarity Becomes Major Theme for International Civil Society
Françoise Wautiez, Philippe Amouroux

After Porto Alegre 2003
Gustavo Marin

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