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Map of location of the spaces at WSF
This map (only in Portuguese by now) shows the location of the different spaces of WSF 2005 in Porto Alegre. Location of rooms will probably be added alter, or they would be available through the visual signs placed in each space.

Social Forums’ Living Memory
This project’s objective is to facilitate a more direct access to the memory of the Social Forums already realized and to stimulate the creation of a more propositive memory for the next social forums. This will help the free articulation of the iniciatives between the organisations which are engaged as part of a more permanent process, not only centralized on the events.

World Social Forum Web Site

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Practical information

This section deals with logistics, accommodation, travel, cross-Allied meetings, and all kinds of context information on Porto Alegre and Brazil.

The section will be updated soon. You can visit the WSF 2004 archives here!

FAQ about Registering Activities at the WSF
- Nicolas Haeringer, Ana Mary da Costa Lino Carneiro -
Questions 1) Profile of the activity: What is the difference between Workshop, Conference, Meeting, Seminar, Controversy Table, Dialogue Table, Panel, and Testimonies?
2) How long will the activity last? (in shifts) what is the duration of a "shift?"
3) To play the game of aggregation, it is mandatory to answer “Yes” to the following question: Would your organization interlink the event proposed with other events and organizations that have similar proposals?
1) Profile of the (...)

Register your activity at the WSF web site then present it to our group
- Nicolas Haeringer -
The closing date for registrations for the WSF 2005 approaches. There are for the moment only two activities proposed by participants of our list, one of the Fph and one of Nova.
We invite you to register as soon as possible on the Web site of the WSF. You will be able to modify your registration afterwards, as often as you wish to, until November 10. Registering is the indispensable basis of all the articulation work.
In order to allow the participants of our list to know what you intend (...)


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