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Enhancing the Value of the World Social Forum Proposals 97.7 kb

Methodologies to collect, visualize and disseminate the Social Forum’s Proposals. Source: FPH

Guidelines for presenting activities 13.9 kb

We want to make know to all the participants of our list which are the activities organized by you in Porto Alegre. For this purpose, we invite you to fulfill as quick as possible this guideline, and to send it to marina@alliance21.org

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Resources and Documents

This section offers links and documents that help to complete information on activities, the evolution of Social Forums, methodology, context, etc. Not all the documents and links in this section are in English.

It will be updated soon. You can visit the WSF 2004 archives here!

Fair Trade: Toward an Economy at the Service of People
- Alfonso Cotera -
First National Forum on Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption. Lima, Peru, October 28-29, 2004
This document is only in Spanish

Souvenirs: Some Short Films on the WSF of Mumbai on the Internet
- Marina Urquidi -
We have heard from Simon-Olivier Côté, a Quebecan "with a Brazilian soul," who has been to many Social Forums and produced photos and films of them, that he has made available on the Internet a 15-minute documentary on the WSF at Mumbai January 2004. You will find it at http://citoyen.onf.ca/onf/info?aid=1781 along with a few other short documentary films (3 to 15 minutes) on Mumbai and other WSFs. The Web site is in French, but the films are mostly in English with French (...)

Another World Social Forum Is Possible
- -
Letter from the FPH to Allies and Partners in View of the WSF 2005 in Porto Alegre, containing the following elements:
The situation of the WSF process when this letter was published
FPH Contributions to the Social Forums
FPH Contribution to the WSF 2005 in Porto Alegre
An invitation to take part in the initiative


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