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The World Social Forum 2005 aims, in terms of its internal organization, to articulate the myriad of initiatives organized by its participants. To do so, The "World Social Territory ", that is to say the site of the Forum, will be itself divided into eleven "Terrains" in order to give body to the new format of the Forum. Within every Terrain, every evening of the Forum, the rooms will be free from 5 to 8 p.m., to allow everyone to put to the floor what was said during the day and to try to draw up proposals or action plans collectively. The evening meetings will also make it possible to link up with that which is happening in the other Terrains.

Participate Soon in the Constitution of the Memory of the WSF
- Nicolas Haeringer -
Several Allies, as well as employees of the FPH are involved in different processes for the constitution of the memory of one or several Social Forums. Since 2003, some groups have begun to form at the international level to work in the long term on these questions. For the WSF 2005, the group "memoria viva" is in charge of facilitating the memory constitution process. This will happen around 4 projects: the storage of audio files of the events that will be translated during the WSF; the (...)

International Work Group Constituted to Propose Articulations
- Gustavo Marin -
A work group has been constituted to propose articulations among the activities. An ad-hoc Web site will be opened to present the tables of thematic regroupings and the conceptual maps of every Terrain [www.portoalegre2005.info
>http://www.portoalegre2005.info] This group is constituted by:
For Terrain 1: Common goods, by Yolanda Ziaka, Director of the International Environmental Education Network, Greece
For Terrain 2: Arts, by Hamilton Faria, in charge of the programs Art and Culture at (...)

Message from the Organizing Committee on the Aggregation of Activities
- Secretaría del FSM / WSF Secretariat / Secrétariat du FSM -
Dear Friend,
After evaluating the registrations for the coming WSF, the Brazilian Secretariat and Organizing Committee noticed that your organization is among those that have registered self-organized events for our next meeting. We are glad, since thanks for initiatives like yours we hope to be capable to organize, in Porto Alegre, a full-of-energy WSF like the previous ones, and also deeper, denser and able to propose alternatives and common actions.
We want now to invite you to a step (...)

Success and Weaknesses of the Consultation That Served to Determine the Format of the WSF
- Nicolas Haeringer -
The first phase of the organization process of the World Social Forum was the consultation of organizations likely to participate in it. The results of the consultation, among others, determined the eleven Terrains that will make up the World Social Territory 2005, within each of which every organization will propose the activities that it wants and will be able to articulate them with other activities. But the consultation presented some difficulties : it didn’t make it possible to broaden (...)

Articulations Inside and Outside of the 11 Thematic Terrains
- Nicolas Haeringer -
The World Social Forum will be composed of eleven Thematic Terrains. Here is the list. Every evening, a moment is planned to review what was said in the day, to draw up proposals or common strategies
The activities that you will organize at the World Social Forum will be all placed in one the following * eleven Thematic Terrains * , according to your choice:
Assuring and defending Earth and people’s common goods - As alternative to commodification and transnational control
Arts (...)

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