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Guidelines for presenting activities 6.8 kb

We want to inform all the participants of our list of the activities you are organizing in Porto Alegre. For this purpose, we invite you to fill out this form as quickly as possible, and send it to marina@alliance21.org


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This section provides the presentation of the activites that the different allied groups and other partners intend to organize at the WSF.

It is updated as we receive your activity presentation forms (see column on the left). You can visit the WSF 2004 archives here!

How Young People Could Take Their Responsibilities and Contribute to Build Another World
- Nacera Aknak Khan -
Name of the activity: How young people could take their responsibilities and contribute to build another world.
Domain of the activity: Young generation and participation to the society building
Partners: — Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world (Sao Paulo’s group; Charter for human responsibilities group for example)
Type of partners you would like (type of organization and/or field of action) in case you do not know organizations of the type that you would like Other (...)

The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy
- Nedda Angulo -
Name of your activity:
Seminar: "The Idea of Wealth and Gender Equity in the Economy"
Terrain in which your activity is located:
Partners for your activity:
The Women and Economy Workshop from the WSSE (Alliance21)
Réseau Intercontinental de Promotion d’une Economie Sociale et Solidaire (RIPESS)
World March of Women
Themes and/or activities with which you would like to link up
It would be convenient to connect with the Workshop (...)

Public Policies, Relations between the State and the Citizens
- Humberto Ortiz -
Humberto Ortiz R.
* Intercontinental Network for the promotion of the social and solidarian economy. * Group of the Economy of the Solidarity Peruvian Network (GRESP) * Action Aid.
Objective of the activity
* To identify the principal issues to the new public policies according a fair relation between democratic state and citizens in order to build a new fair and solidarian economy.
Summary of the central issues
* The question begins in how (...)

Solidarity-based Economy, Fair Trade and Local Authorities
- Arturo Palma Torres -
Title: "Solidarity-based Economy, Fair Trade and Local Authorities" (Seminar)
Organisation: Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy, France
Participants: producers from Ecuador, the Ivory Coast and Brazil, and representatives from local authorities in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France, Spain and Italy.
Date: Friday 28/01, from 8.30 am to 11.00 am
Room 602 - 600 people
Activity no. 1489
Contact: Arturo Palma Torres
The development of the solidarity-based economy and fair trade implies (...)

Alternative Indicators for a Solidarity-based Economy
- Françoise Wautiez -
Name of your activity: Workshop (50 people): Alternative Indicators for a Solidarity-based Economy
Terrain in which your activity is located: Terrain 6: SOVEREIGN ECONOMIES FOR AND BY THE PEOPLE
Partners in your activity: The “Real wealth: evaluation and indicators” (http://indicators.socioeco.org) and the “Solidarity Finance” workshops (http://finsol.socioeco.org ) of the Workgroup on Solidarity Socio-Economy (Aliance21) (International),
Collectif AlterUQAM (Quebec),
New Economics (...)

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