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Research and training

Monday 17 January 2005

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Polis participates in research and training Environmental Education projects sponsored by the European Union.

In 1997, Polis co-ordinated the Greek chapter of the project Eurosymbioses - Internet and Environmental Education in Europe, which was funded by the Commission of European Communities, through the SOCRATES programme. The partners of this project in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain set up the EuroSymbioses Web site ? “the magazine of Environmental Education actors in Europe ? and organised in their respective countries awareness-raising campaigns and teacher training courses about the use of Internet in Environmental Education. Polis implemented this project in Greece jointly with the Department of Primary Education of the Aegean University and with the support of the National Youth Secretariat of the Greek Ministry of Education.

In 1998, Polis participated in the European project Sustainability Environmental Education in European Primary Schools (SEEPS), an initiative of the British Moray House Institute that was sponsored by the COMENIUS programme of the European Union.

During 1999, Polis co-ordinated in Greece the activities of the URBANET project funded by the CONNECT programme of the European Union, that deals with urban environmental education. This project, carried out in collaboration with organisms in six other European countries, involves: (1) developing a reflection and preparing pedagogical proposals, by using the new technologies, on issues concerning urban education; (2) gathering and classifying the most significant experiences and the best practices implemented in European countries on the issue of urban pedagogy; and (3) setting up a specialised Web site and publishing a reference CD-ROM that will be distributed in all the participating countries.

During 2000-2001, Polis was in charge of the pedagogical co-ordination in Greece of the SEAM project (Sistema di Educazione Ambientale Marina, or Marine Environmental Education System), an initiative of the Italian organism Forum for the Venice Lagoon that got financial support from the ECOS-OUVERTURE programme of the European Union. Eleven communities in the Greek Cyclades islands are participating in the SEAM project. Based on a partnership between local communities, non-governmental organisations, universities and research centres in Egypt, Spain, Greece, Italy and Rumania, this project suggests establishing a network of local laboratories for the promotion of marine environmental education and environmental tourism in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.