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Introduction of Rasmus TENBERGEN (and the Global Democracy Experiment)
Friday, November 29, 2002 5:53 PM

My name is Rasmus Tenbergen and I am the inventor and Executive Director of the Global Democracy Experiment (description follows). I am very grateful for the alliance21 initiative on a world parliament because I believe that we need a world parliament and that it is possible to create a world parliament very soon. In fact, I think that the Global Democracy Experiemt already is a world parliament and that we "just" need participants for it...

The Global Democracy Experiment is an internet-based simulation of a working global democracy. It is already online: Participants can submit petitions on political issues, procedures or representatives and vote on them. It is the task of the representatives to implement the decisions in real life (like an NGO). Via the internet, the technology behind the Global Democracy Experiment provides unlimited opportunities to collect support proposals of individuals and organizations. The system can be applied to local, national and international democracies, to advocacy groups, and to private enterprises, in sum: to any organization with an organized decision-making process. The Global Democracy Experiment is a technology- enhanced direct democracy process with no time and space constraints. It embodies the future of comprehensive voting, because it allows more participation, more democracy, more efficiency, and more international cooperation.

For more information about myself, please go to my website:

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