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Introduction of Didier COEURNELLE
Thursday, 20 February 2003 17:55:55

Hello all.

I am very happy to have discovered this site and this discussion concerning the world Parliament. The issues concerning the universal Suffrage (in the sense of voting for all on a world level) are captivating me from many years ago.

First of all, I feel myself world citizen, like most of you. I am Belgian and I live in Brussels. I am 40 years old. My mother tongue is French. I speak Dutch and English correctly also.

I am a jurist. I am interested in the information technologies, in the issues about north-south relationship, and to numerous other socio-politic questions. I am web administrative of websites in a Belgian federal ministry taking care of social security. I work also as an elected official of the Belgian French-speaking green party (Ecolo) in a local public organism of aid to the people (Centered public of social aid: CPAS).

On one my websites <>, I placed the following quote of Montesquieu (I placed it in English).

** Should I know something useful for me but bad for my family, I would reject it from my mind.

Should I know something useful to my family but bad for my Fatherland, I would try to forget it.

Should I know something useful to my Fatherland but bad for Europe or useful to Europe but bad for the Human gender, I should consider it as a crime.. **

It is therefore with a grand pleasure that I have discovered your list that presents a potential utility for all and not just for some.

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