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Re: * WP21 Forum Weekly Summary 10 (March 10-24) *
Friedrich G. HALLER
Wednesday, 9 April 2003

Dear Arnaud and all friends!

Since 25 years I'm still frustrated by the discussions about the reform process of the actual unsatisfactory democracy.

This frustration is accompanying me now in WP21 Forum because I miss the expected echo. On the one hand there were beautiful voices to encourage everybody to participate in this discussions on the very high intellectual level of WP21.

On the other hand we should limit our contributions on around 500 words for the facilitation of translation.

That is very difficult if you want to present the complexity of the reform project * qualitative democracy * and * consensus democracy * to WP21.

Every word we express in the WP21 Forum is therefore important. We express it, because we feel the actual importance of being understood by the Forum.

If the facilitation team of WP21 is shortening our contributions or even not publishing them as soon as possible in its full length, the communication gets blocked and we feel frustrated to have wasted our precious time.

Therefore I suggest insisting on the pyramidal structure of participation.

The process to create a WP21 is too complex to start only on the top global level.

Even including many languages.

In most cases the local levels have only one language and no translation problems.

The local levels can therefore be concentrated in the elimination of argumentative communication misunderstandings within the same language, that is hard enough. There aren't problems of translations or travelling around the globe to international meetings before consenting the ideas.

I suggest starting political discussions at the local levels and get consensus there.

The regional level should discuss the consented ideas of the local levels.

The national level should discuss the consented ideas of the regional levels.

The continental level should discuss the consented ideas of the national levels.

The global level should discuss the consented ideas of the continental levels.

The multilingual level should discuss the consented ideas of the unilingual levels.

The English speaking community should consent their ideas, as all other language communities should do, before discussing them on international and multilingual levels.

If we do not respect these necessities of the pyramidal structure we will not achieve the urgent optimal solutions on the global level and avoid frustration everywhere.

To disagree is a reason to fight harder to get our views recognized.

In a really democratic state as well as in the WP21 Forum the not understood minority shouldn't be excluded by causing them frustration.

This frustration caused by continuous misunderstandings makes me to express the necessary reform process of democracy always clearer and more understandable. So it becomes more and more complex.

Nearly nobody understands well the complexity of the project of Qualitative Democracy in all its aspects and components working together where they can produce optimal results.

If one doesn't know the history of this idea and how it came to all its necessary components, one rarely can understand the project in all its beauty.

So I should try to start again on the local and German speaking level.

There I will hardly find the necessary intellectual background and the frustration circle can start again. Not leaving my country, not the necessary separation from my wife, not the entrance to an international communication community seems to bring forward this beautiful idea.

Even the most personal and private contributions make sense to understand the importance of our messages. The moderating team shouldn't censure even these emotional contributions.

Yours, Frederic

Friedrich G. Haller

(f.n.: In response to Friedrich Haller's comments about our efforts to limit the length and detail of the messages being posted to this list, we have been trying to find a balance and to respect and honor everyone's needs. Our primary aim is to have a fruitful and productive discussion.

A number of people have also told us that the discussion and many of the messages have been too long, complicated, or went into too much depth. This has seemed to make it harder for some of our participants to understand the essential points of what some of us have been trying to communicate and share, rather than easier.

We are happy to post longer messages and resource materials on our website and can include there whatever language versions you can send us, along with machine translations into the other languages. We also want to develop a new e-Forum process in the coming months where we can have more focused discussions on specific topics, with those others that are most interested in them. We are also studying the possibility of working with lists for separate languages with periodical interchanged summaries.

This forum has really been designed to introduce everyone to all of the various ideas and to try to sort out some of the most important issues and matters that will need to be discussed in much more detail as we go along.)

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