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Re: * WP21 Forum Weekly Summary 10 (March 10-24) *
Wednesday, 9 April 2003

How can we create a movement for global democracy and a WP and invite everyone to participate?

Well, I think that the truth of the matter is that the World Parliament will not have the authority to invite everyone to participate. Even though we might invite representatives from places like Saudi Arabia, the People's Republic of China, Cuba, the DPRK, or the Central African Republic - those citizens would not be able to be elected nor be representative nor be participatory in any meaningful way. The regimes in those countries that oppress their people simply will not allow it.

Thus, I think that an important consideration for forming the world parliament should be to decide what criteria country must meet in order to participate. Indeed, the embarrassment of not being able to participate in the World Parliament may allow the WP to become a powerful voice for freedom in these countries.

Some possible criteria: -The country must accord the right to fully participate in the nations politics regardless of sex, race, color, or religion.

-The country must have a government that is based on democratic, republican, or other liberal constitutional principles.

-The country must have an effective and vital national dialogue, including having at least one peaceful transition of power to an opposition party

I am sure that there are others we may wish to adopt, but the above seem to represent a bare minimum for producing effective participation in the WP.

On the principle of majority, the * tyranny of the majority * and the principle of consensus

I am deeply worried that the WP might adopt a principle of consensus instead of majority (or even some kind of super-majority.) The experience of human history, unfortunately, is that the principle of consensus is a recipe of intellectual paralysis, leaving almost every large organization that adopts this principle unable to make decisions and choices.


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