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Re: Sintesis 11 (25 mar - 7 abr 2003)
Sunday, 13 April 2003

Dear friends,

To participate in this forum is always a reason of a lot of happiness for me, but as I am working in lots of things here in my region, I don't have too much time of writing and participating in all the discussions.

The questions that are arising from all the messages sent, shows to us that it is really difficult the construction of such a diverse work as a WP.

Difficult, but not impossible. The difficulties oblige us to be more creative and to look for ways to solve all the questions that are arising. For that reason I say always that this whole process is important and we have to be quiet and patient to be able to reach a result of quality.

On some questions:

A common language

I think that we could keep it conversation in the three languages as we are using them already, English, French and Spanish, but if we want to begin to think of a common language in a serious and direct way I believe that we could think on Esperanto as a language for all, being the second language of each one of us after our own one. Esperanto has been developed a lot around the world and today it exists in diverse parts of the planet, places where we can learn this interesting and easy language. I don't speak Esperanto but if it was necessary, I believe that in less than 1 year I would be able to dominate this new language that will be extended. It has an intelligent and simple grammatical principle for all the existing languages, for that reason it is easy to be learnt.

We could begin to investigate Esperanto and to see if it really has conditions for being a language bridge for all of us in the WP.

Direct participation

We have to look for incorporating all interested people in the WP process, in order to sign an agreement of being synthetic when we communicate and being objective in our opinions to avoid too big messages and too much ideas instead of attitude. We need to move close to the action than to the conversation. What kind of practice each one of us can do in this process? We always have to have clear for us and for the whole team where we will be able to collaborate actively. What is my direct active participation about?

The real democracy

It is our duty to think always in democracy as a basic element in all work, but for that reason we cannot get lost in infinite consultations to all without control. So in order that democracy really works in this process we have to create a basic internal regulation of operation and a space to all without giving to turn on this too much. To be direct and objective is a task for all. We have to participate in a synthetic way, respecting all the opinions and to vote when needed, for the options that we consider the better ones, in case of having diverse options for one matter or question.


It is fundamental for the construction of any new processes that wants to run. I believe that all kind of work in order to get right in this new vision of construction of a better world, it has to involve direct participation of whatever kind of art. Art helps us in being more subtle and make arise our internal feelings. * Art everywhere *. We have to be creative and sensitive. We need to become the most loving possible and art helps for this, generating in us and in our environment, conscience and love. All this feeds our soul, feelings and ideas.

As I've been always receiving these messages of WP as * WP21 team * that means to me the movement of a team, mainly for young, I enclose to you to with this message a proposal that toke place in 2002 as an answer to a call of the FPH so that the allied can introduce ideas of actions that they considered important for the validation of the foundation.

I sent it, but at that moment I didn't obtain any answer for that proposal and as I'm developing diverse actions and I am always busy with a lot of activities, I didn't give too much importance to the lack of answer to the proposal. Today I find that this idea is still effective not only be directed to the young but to any team that wants to be formed to be dedicated to the work of creation in new ways of organization. It is barely an idea that can be adapted according to needs and interests, but it is already a starting point. At the moment that it was drafted, I had a strong interest of rescuing the youths that did part of the movements previously promoted by FPH and Alliance, now they could be new interested members as those of this electronic forum. In fact the participants of such idea can be those that are really nowadays being active and interested in this new phase of the process.

Thank you very much for your attention. I hope that you like the proposal. It refers to personal meetings that I believe that they are fundamental to set up a really committed team with the building of a world of quality. We the people we need to meet each other, to feel each other, to be sensitive among us and together to build ideas for shared actions.

A great hug to all.

Mauro Soares

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