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Peter Singer: partisan of the World Parliament
Thursday, 8 May 2003 23:33:27 +0200

Hello to all and thanks for all very interesting ideas that you develop,

Peter Singer is a controversial philosopher by some aspects (more of information to the page But in any case, he/it shares a good part of our ideas concerning the world parliament.

An article concerning this subject among others is appeared in the Knack (newspaper néerlandophone belge) du April 30, 2003. As I am entirely in agreement with which is written and that the text is in Dutch, I allow myself to deliver here a translation of a court extracts.

Joël De Ceulaer (journalist): We are all members of a world community, the national sovereignty must be redefined: is your world ethics possible without world democracy?

Peter Singer: The world democracy is can be the ultimate aim but not a necessary condition. You can imagine a world where each can call on a social protection such as we know it in our welfare states. (...) eventually it must be possible to guarantee to each a minimum well-being level.

De Ceulaer: And should we elect a world parliament one day?

Peter Singer: We can work in this direction. It would be forward a first step so each State of the plenary assembly of the united Nations received a voice on basis of the number of his/her/its population.

De Ceulaer: In this hypothesis, China, that is frankly a non democratic country, would weigh very heavy.

Peter Singer: It is a problem. But a situation where China has the same weight that Iceland doesn't seem more democratic to me. (...) A possibility can be to tell the Chinese authorities: if you wish that your voice weighs as much as your population, then your representatives to the united Nations must be elected by your population. China would not accept but it would be a desirable evolution.

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