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(1) Values, Principles and Purposes
Chart of Human Responsabilities
Declaration of a Global Ethic
Common Statement on World Democracy
World Federalist Movement - Policy

Les principes de la gouvernance au 21čme sičcle, Pierre Calame [Document; RTF, 425kb]
Preamble to the Global People's Assembly Network Charter

Forum Messages

140, WP21 Team, Late messages of topic 1
141, WP21 Team
133, Troy DAVIS, Is better to agree in minimal values rather than romantic notions
124, WP21 Team, WP21 Summary No. 4
122, Marcelo ESTRAVIZ, A world parliament for to reduce inequalities and to distribute the wealth
121, Joan INGLADA, The freedom as non-dominance and the basic income
115, Joan INGLADA, Diversity, identity and communicative equality
111, Pierre CARO, Limits of the current democracies
110, Daniel MARINHO, Giving emancipation; stopping unfair international commerce
109, Daurius FIGUEIRA, Change the hegemonic white North Atlantic vision of the world
108, Gary ALEXANDER, Global self-governance, education and co-operative economy
101, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ, Adding a cosmic dimension
127, Marie-Christine BERNARD
119, Olivier AUBERT
100, WP21 Team, WP21 Summary No. 3
097, Tim GILMAN, Transparency and scale
126, Marie-Christine BERNARD
118, Rob WHEELER
096, John EWBANK, Unknowability about end-product -- an important principle?
092, Carles MASCARÓ, A positive face of power, and a common minimum of values
088, Joan INGLADA, Eradicating poverty, guarantee minimal rights and linguistic democracy
116, Marie-France d'ABOVILLE
087, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ, une redistribution juste
128, Marie-Christine BERNARD
086, Ababacar DIOP, Some values are ethics, solidarity, liberty, democracy
129, Marie-Christine BERNARD
085, Pierre CARO, material, intellectual and social goods for all
125, Marie-Christine BERNARD
084, Karl-Heinz THIER, Balancing Unity and Diversity
081, Marc HOUESSOU, Good vision
077, Pierre CARO, To take account of the others
068, Joan INGLADA, Basic Income and freedom
064, Renato CORSETTI, Equality, language discrimination
063, Garda GHISTA, Nationalism and universalism
094, Mauro SOARES
080, Wolfgang FISCHER
062, Germŕ PELAYO, Intercultural global dialogue
089, Marie-Christine BERNARD
078, Germŕ PELAYO
079, Germŕ PELAYO
139, Karl-Heinz THIER
120, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ
114, Jean-Marc FLAMENT
131, Germŕ PELAYO
112, Germŕ PELAYO
130, Germŕ PELAYO
061, WP21 Team, Summary No. 2
056, Wolfgang FISCHER, Global responsibility
054, Marie-France d'ABOVILLE, inventing a way for a global cohabitation
053, Jean-Marc FLAMENT, "Communities of ideas"
052, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, Values for the World Parliament
095, John EWBANK
069, WP21 Team
105, Karl-Heinz THIER, Intercultural dialogue. Global values.
045, WP21 Team, Lets discussion begin / read web documents
044, WP21 Team, Summary No. 1
038, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ, how to classify the themes concerning this month's discussion topic?
033, Jean-Marc FLAMENT, What kind of Parliament?
029, Karl-Heinz THIER, The background of the proposal for a World Parliament and WP relevancy
003, Rob WHEELER, Introduction to the first month's discussion
(2) Architecture of Global Governance
248, WP21 Team, Late messages of topic 2
244, Wolfgang FISCHER, Peace Brigades, Non Violent Peace Force
242, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ, We should avoid the prejudices
241, WP21 Team, WP21 Summary No. 7
240, Carles MASCARO, Micro-macro dialectics and controversial nature of the human beings
261, Marie-Christine BERNARD
239, Andrew STRAUSS, A Practical Proposal for a Creating a Global Parliament
233, Frank HOUCK, Centralized, Decentralized, Regional, Local Self-Governance
232, Rob MATHEUS, Against organizationalism
231, Rob MATHEUS, Deepening Democracy
227, WP21 Team, Call for ideas and working group
226, WP21 Team, WP21 Summary No. 6
225, Rob MATHEUS, World Federalism and the Simultaneous Policy
223, Marie-Christine BERNARD, WP and African Union
222, Eugenia ALMAND, Simultaneous policy and the Earth Constitution
243, John BUNZL
221, Rob WHEELER, Controlling our Global Financial Institutions
220, Wolfgang FISCHER, People's power against politic power's complex
238, Frank HOUCK
218, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, It is time to question the concept of development
247, Carles MASCARO
216, Joan INGLADA, EU as a model of architecture of the global governance
215, Karl-Heinz THIER, A Descentralized, Regional Self-Governance
212, Simon-Olivier CÔTÉ, We would need to start a popular consultation
230, Marie-Christine BERNARD
211, Eugenia ALMAND, There are Divergent Approaches to Constitutional Architecture
210, Eugenia ALMAND, Learning basics of parliamentary procedure and legislative drafting
204, Bob DICK, Processes, not structures
213, Duncan GRAHAM
217, Marie-Christine BERNARD
198, WP21 Team, WP21 Summary No. 5
195, Arnaud BLIN, Power and Global Governance
206, Duncan GRAHAM
196, Arnaud BLIN
209, Marie-Christine BERNARD
194, Garry JACOBS, Studying, promoting and experiencing solutions
191, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, Architecture of Global Governance
188, Marie-Christine BERNARD, We are exhorted to follow an only way at any price
186, Gary ALEXANDER, To establish a grassroots co-operative economy
199, Garda GHISTA
200, Garda GHISTA
236, Roger KOTILA
219, Marie-Christine BERNARD
246, Carles MASCARO
182, Doug EVERINGHAM, Democratizing governance options
179, Wolfgang FISCHER, Abolish compound interest and private property of territory
178, Troy DAVIS, How to build a WP
187, Marie-Christine BERNARD
177, Ababacar DIOP, A responsible, united and plural global governance
172, Luisa GONZÁLEZ, it is urgent to transform capitalism
190, Alonso GÓMEZ VÉLEZ
229, Olivier MIGNON
171, Luisa GONZÁLEZ, Increase of wealth and technological innovation
170, Luisa GONZÁLEZ, making dialogue and action simultaneously
184, Roger DITTMANN
183, Marcelo ESTRAVIZ
169, Luisa GONZÁLEZ, WP as a group of pressure to democratize and reinforce UN
234, Roger DITTMANN
166, Lucile W. GREEN, Cities Instead of Nations as Basis of Global Governance
185, Roger DITTMANN
164, Pierre CARO, What place for the resourceless in the WP and in the world?
162, WP21 Team, Introductory document for topic 2
163, WP21 Team
156, Pierre CARO, A better distributed capitalist architecture
176, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ
152, Rob WHEELER, Global Military Spending versus other Global Priorities
165, Marie-Christine BERNARD
151, WP21 Team, Monthly Synthesis I
150, Ibrahima SECK, Solutions for the total eradication of poverty
145, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, the simultaneous policy and the transnational embassies
159, Rob WHEELER
174, John BUNZL
167, Marie-Christine BERNARD
158, Marie-Christine BERNARD
187, Marie-Christine BERNARD
173, Alonso (Algove) GÓMEZ VÉLEZ
245, Rob WHEELER
144, Raul GUZMÁN MIRANDA, A common thought of generosity
143, WP21 Team, Topic 2 - Architecture of global governance
(3) Internal and External Organization of a World Parliament
275, WP21 Team, Monthly Summary II
274, Eugenia ALMAND, Parliament Salary limits
273, Eugenia ALMAND, Voter Registration
272, Eugenia ALMAND, Tricameral Legislature
271, Karl-Heinz THIER, An autonomous and consultative WP
265, Troy DAVIS, We need evaluation criteria
267, WP21 Team
263, Eugenia ALMAND, Provisional World Parliament Initiative: Revised announcement
262, Joseph SCHWARTZBERG, The keys for a popularly elected World People's Assembly
260, Marie-Christine BERNARD, Hopes and plane for action in 2003
259, John MELONEY, Limits of Authority
257, Roger DITTMANN, International Workshop on The Establishment of a Peoples' Assembly
256, Frank HOUCK, a peace game
252, WP21 Team, Introductory document for topic 3
253, WP21 Team
(4) Potential competencies and tasks of a WP, production of law, and implementation/b>
424, Friedrich G. HALLER, Democracy and representation
412, WP21 Team, Monthly Synthesis IV
477, Friedrich G. HALLER
404, Karl-Heinz THIER, Representation
402, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, An universal and culturally neutral language
426, Rob WHEELER
445, Marielle JANSEN
461, Duncan GRAHAM
444, Ababacar DIOP
437, Garda GHISTA
408, Blanca MEDINA, Ido language
390, Marielle JANSEN, World Parliament and Sociocracy (1/2)
391, Marielle JANSEN (2/2)
369, Rob WHEELER, Building support for a WP
393, John BUNZL
388, Frank HOUCK
381, Simon-Olivier CÔTÉ
362, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, Masculine - feminine balance
375, Marie-France d'ABOVILLE
372, Marie-Christine BERNARD
370, Horacio AZOCAR
353, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, Pyramidal parliament or direct democracy? (1/2)
397, Rob WHEELER, How can we implement the Community of Ideas
374, Rob WHEELER
365, Marie-Christine BERNARD
354, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, (2/2)
368, Germŕ PELAYO
367, Wolfgang FISCHER
364, Frank HOUCK
385, Wolfgang FISCHER
378, Rob WHEELER, Strengthening International Law to promote Peace ???
335, WP21 Team, Introductory document for topic 4
334, WP21 Team, 4th month's agenda revised
377, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX (1/2)
379, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX (2/2)
323, WP21 Team, 4th month's agenda
53, Jean-Marc FLAMENT, Community of Ideas
396, Rob WHEELER, How would the Communities of Ideas function or operate?
401, Frank HOUCK
411, Stan PRICE
414, Germŕ PELAYO
430, Frank HOUCK
438, Friedrich G. HALLER
435, WP21 Team
421, Horacio AZOCAR
491, Friedrich G. HALLER
435, WP21 Team
431, Mauro SOARES
435, WP21 Team
451, Mauro SOARES
496, Rob WHEELER, Sharing Our Innovative Activities
530, Mauro SOARES
550, Garda GHISTA
515, Marie-France d'ABOVILLE
399, Marielle JANSEN
448, Marielle JANSEN
519, Olivier AUBERT
541, Mauro SOARES
529, Marielle JANSEN, Natural forms and human organization[...]
52, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, Des Valeurs pour le Parlement Mondial
(5) How to actually create a World Parliament?
488, WP21 Team, Weekly Synthesis 11
499, Mauro SOARES
487, LEI Liang, Local representative
485, Friedrich G. HALLER, Efficiency of our communication process
468, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, A structure of the working teams
495, Mauro SOARES
467, Tim GILMAN, Parliaments don't scale
490, Marie-Christine BERNARD
462, Friedrich G. HALLER, Experience with Consensus Democracy
490, Marie-Christine BERNARD
483, Olivier AUBERT
503, Friedrich G. HALLER
459, WP21 Team, Weekly Synthesis 10
Not sure this string applies to topic.
482, John D. GIORGIS
504, Friedrich G. HALLER
524, John D. GIORGIS
502, Jean-Marc FLAMENT, Procedure in 5 years for a WP
479, Friedrich G. HALLER
506, Marielle JANSEN, Frustration and Patience
457, Zita NYIRENDA, Introduction
455, John D. GIORGIS, Introduction
450, Marisa NOGUEIRA GREEB, A new parliament already exists
469, Mauro SOARES
415, Rob WHEELER, Designing a fully participatory process for WP decision making (1/2)
416, Rob WHEELER (2/2)
405, WP21 Team, Introductory document for topic 5
413, Marie-France d'ABOVILLE
(6) Next steps for actually creating the WP
561, Friedrich G. HALLER, Veto is a moral human right
556, Pierre CARO, A call to all retired people of the world
536, Marielle JANSEN, Language and communication
527, WP21 Team, Monthly Synthesis, Topic V
526, Germŕ PELAYO, From the World Social Forum, to the World Social Assembly?
546, Fernando IGLESIAS
562, Germŕ PELAYO
539, John D. GIORGIS
522, Rasmus TENBERGEN, World Parliament now
560, John D. GIORGIS
544, Majid TEHRANIAN
518, Marielle JANSEN, Language and consent-decisions
547, LEI Liang, Art is a basic factor in WP
535, Friedrich G. HALLER
510, John EWBANK, Plans for the future
509, Simon-Olivier CÔTÉ, Taxing alternatively
505, Fernando IGLESIAS, To promote a global democratic political forum
498, Marie MARTIN-PECHEUX, A logo for the WP
531, Mauro SOARES
516, Troy DAVIS
497, WP21 Team, Introductory document for topic 6
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