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Preamble to the Global Peoples Assembly Network Charter (Under Development)


We are people from diverse cultures, aware of the multiple crises facing life on our planet. We are also aware of an evolving consciousness of the uniqueness and value of that life. At the same time, advances in technology and communication give us an unprecedented opportunity to create a peaceful, just and joyful world for ourselves, our descendents and all living things. To make the most of this opportunity, we dedicate our voices and our endeavors.

Accordingly, as citizens of planet earth, we affirm that:

* We are temporary trustees, not owners, of the marvels of the earth.

* We must listen to each other, to the earth, and to generations past and future, to guide our actions.

* We are all born with the right to a just and peaceful world.

* In our planning and decision-making, we should listen to people of all ages and consider the welfare of future generations.

* We should treat others with dignity, as we wish to be treated, following universal ethical principles.

* We celebrate diversity in cultures, while nurturing the underlying unity.

* We proclaim both the fundamental rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

* We advocate for the just rule of law at local, regional, and global levels.

* We cultivate democratic institutions and scientific understanding to guide public endeavors, from local to global.


While we do not claim to represent all humanity, we are a growing body of people who care about the future of life on this planet. As citizens of the world, we have the right and responsibility to have a decisive voice on issues that shape our common destiny, most importantly at the global level where we currently have little or no role in decision-making.

Our Mission:

To join in local, regional, and global People?s Assemblies to ensure that our voices are heard, and to promote a permanent Global People?s Assembly or Parliament, elected by the people, to whom the institutions of government and business are held accountable, preferably within an evolving United Nations.
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